Accessibility Week 2013

Accessibility Week is an established conference and training event that has successfully run across Australia.

  • We currently have no events scheduled but 2014 training events are being planned.
  • If you are interested in training or seminars please contact AccessibilityOz.

Australian Web Industry Association endorsement

AccessibilityOz is pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA), we are offering accessibility endorsement if you complete one of the following streams:


Registration (not currently available) is for:

  • A stream (e.g. manager, content author, developer)
  • Individual days
  • The entire week, all three streams. (different people can attend different days).


The program consists of a one day conference followed by three streams of training for managers, content authors and developers over 4 days.

Conference day (1 day)

Conference day topics for 2014 are being planned.

Training days (over 4 days)

Training days are suited to specific roles and their web site responsibilities, including:


Gian Wild

Gian Wild, Director

Gian Wild

Gian has worked in the accessibility industry since 1998 and consulted on the development of the first Level AAA accessible web site in Australia (Disability Information Victoria). Gian Wild is an active member of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, the W3C Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group and the W3C Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. She spent six years contributing to the development of WCAG2.

AccessibilityOz founder Gian Wild presents the steps your organisation should consider when undertaking accessibility compliance and draws on 13 years of experience in accessibility.

AIIA Member